As self employed fitters, working for many local companies, we are are in a position to learn from the mistakes that happen, and pinch the best ideas that we come across. We have been at the sharp end of the business for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

Well, we have decided that we can do things better than the rest. We know the best factories to buy from, and which give the best value (not necessarily the cheapest price). The same factories that some of our competitors will use, but with experts doing the measuring this time!


How many times have you read about a 50% discount, or a huge winter sale, or some other amazing deal? How many times have you had an uneasy feeling about something you were promised, something that didn’t add up?

Well we know fine well that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and we know that you do too. We also know that honesty is the best policy. What we give you, is every day low prices, with no to good to be true offers to be seen. No bull, no spiel, no sales tricks.


The Fitter has very low overheads. No expensive showrooms, no fancy cars, no executive salaries to pay for. The Fitter will work from a van (or mobile showroom if you will). He will make less mistakes than the average salesperson due to his high level of expertise.

He can also pick and choose where to buy his product from, moving from underperforming or overcharging factories as and when he needs to. These things set us apart from our competitors. They are our advantages, which all translate into better value for you.


You will have your blinds measured, ordered and installed by a fitter. Compare this to the traditional model where someone measures, another orders, another coordinates and then the fitter puts them up. A lot of mistakes come from lack of communication or transferring information from measuring sheet to order form. We keep things simple to reduce mistakes and increase customer satisfaction.

If we are running late, we call you. If there’s any hold up with an order, we get in touch quickly. Things can go wrong in any business; its how WE handle them that sets US apart from the rest.)