15 Reasons Shutters are a Great Choice for Any Home


Shutters are a beautiful addition to any home. They’re a great purchase and can really transform a space and make a room seem like new. Many people opt into buying shutters during renovation as they can add a whole new look to a room and are quite affordable compared to other window coverings.

But we know how great shutters can really be. They’re so great, in fact, that we even found 15 reasons why you should look into adding shutters in your next room renovation. What are they? Read on…

1. A permanent solution

A lot of other options, such as curtains, often need replacement from time to time due to usage, wear, and damage. Shutters, however, are a permanent solution, meaning less costs in the long run and more time enjoying the polished look of those shutters in your home.

2. Block out light

There are a lot of products on the market that can help block out unwanted light when you want a room to remain dark during the day, but there are few options out there that block light out as well as shutters do.

3. Light filtering is a breeze

The versatility of shutters also means you can control how much light is filtered in. Maybe you only need a little light to come through, or perhaps you want the room to be as bright as possible. Thanks to the angles on shutters, you can move the blinds to filter as little or as much light into a room as you please.

4. Great for allergy sufferers

Unlike soft furnished window coverings, blinds are a better option for those suffering from allergies. Dust will sit on top of the shutters, making it easy to wipe clean and remove the dust, unlike curtains where dust can sit within and inside the fabric, making it difficult to remove and clean and leaving allergy sufferers constantly holding back sneezes.

5. A cooler home in summer

Shutters have the added benefit of reflecting light away from the windows, so you’ll actually notice your home feeling a lot cooler in the warm months of summer.

6. A warmer home in winter

If you opt for wooden shutters, you’ll notice a warmer home in the winter. The wood adds an additional layer of insulation to keep you warm, and potentially reduce excessive electricity bills from having the heater on constantly.

7. Notice a reduction in energy costs

As stated above, depending on the shutters you choose, you may notice a reduction in your power bills. Not using the air conditioner or heater for longer periods of time, thanks to the insulation provided by your shutters, means less money wasted in the long run.

8. Beauty on both the inside and outside

Sure, shutters look great from inside a room, but they actually look even better from outside the home. Unlike other furnishings, where the outside may only reveal the underside of material colours and patterns, shutters look great no matter which side you’re looking at them from.

9. No fading

Your shutters won’t fade away with age. Great shutters will withstand the direct sunlight that often causes other window coverings to fade, leading to replacement costs. Again, this makes shutters a great option for reducing costs in the long run.

10. Durability is key

Shutters are made to last and are found in many buildings, both commercial and residential. They’re strong and can handle regular, daily use with ease. They’re also much less of a hazard to children as well, with nothing to pull on or wrap around yourself.

11. Customisation is endless

When looking for shutters, you’ll be amazed at how many different material and colour options are available. You’ll easily be able to find shutters to suit your home and decor, no matter how outlandish it may be, making them a great option for those who want unique window furnishings.

12. The shutter ‘trend’ will never die

Unlike other window furnishings, shutters have remained useful in many decorative styles, and haven’t faded from popularity throughout time at all. Some furnishings have been on trend and gone on to be dated with time, but shutters have stood the test of time and continue to be a popular choice for homeowners.

13. Designer looks without the price tag

Shutters can really give a room or home a ‘designer’ feel and look without necessarily having to splurge and pay the designer price. They can be an affordable option yet still give your home a stunning, unique look.

14. A green option

Wooden shutters are naturally created using sustainable wood such as basswood. So if you’re looking to minimise your carbon footprint, wooden shutters are a good choice.

15. Added security features

They’re a great visual deterrent and, when closed, can stop sneaky eyes from looking inside your home. This will hinder any break ins and robberies as they cannot easily scope out your home.

So whether you’re looking for a new window furnishing for your interior rooms, or looking to add a splash of designer glamour to your exterior areas, shutters are an excellent option for numerous reasons.