7 Creative DIY Projects for Repurposing Shutters

Old shutters are usually thrown away and left to rot in landfill. There’s really no need for this to happen, however. Upcycling shutters and creating brand new decorative pieces is a great way to save material and enjoy some creative time. Shutters make for the perfect beginner’s DIY project; they’re extremely versatile, easy to use, and can be reworked into new items quite well. Here are 7 of our favourite DIY projects that virtually anyone can do.

Vertical garden display

This is a great project for those who have limited room for a garden or yard, or just for those with a green thumb! Start by repainting the shutters in your desired colours. If your shutters have wide louvres, you can use the gaps between them to allow greens to grow. If your shutters have narrow louvres, then remove every second louvre from the shutter so as to create room for your plants to grow. Create or buy planter boxes to attach your shutters to, plant some beautiful flowers or herbs, and finish it off by hanging your new shutters on an outdoor wall.

Daily pin-board organiser

This is a great way to spruce up an existing pin-board, or if you don’t have one, it’s the perfect excuse to make one! What makes this pin-board great is that you can use the shutters to hide away the ‘clutter’ when it’s not in use, so not only will the pin-board keep your organised, but it makes an awesome decorative item as well.

Start by covering a pin-board with coloured card or wrapping paper. You might want to pick a colour that matches your shutters or an entirely different shade. Paint the shutters your desired colours and attach them to the sides of your pin-board. Finish off by adding fixtures to the board, so that when you close the shutters they can stay closed. You can also add handles to the outside of your shutters if you desire, to make opening and closing your pin-board easier.

Outdoor privacy screen

If you have quite a few shutters lying around and are looking for a way to add some privacy to your yard, then this could be the project you need. Start by painting your shutters with a desired colour. Use bright colours to make the area stand out and darker, natural tones to allow the shutters to blend in with the garden. Connect the shutters together to form a large screen, then stand it up in place and enjoy the privacy!

Hall table/cupboard

If you’re looking for a project that requires a little more dedication and time, this is a great way to spend a crafty weekend. An advantage to this project is that it doesn’t matter what condition your shutters are in, as the older they are, the more character and rustic quality they’ll add to the piece.

You’ll need some extra wood panels and basic woodworking skills to create a simple cupboard or hall table. You can also start with an old table you may have had laying around. Then it’s just a matter of adding on the shutters as your door panels.


If you’re looking to redecorate your room at minimal cost, these upcycled shutters spruced into a new headboard could be just what your bedroom needs to reinvent itself. The headboard can be designed with a contemporary, clean look by painting it in neutral or brown tones, or it can be given a more rustic, country homestead look by being painted turquoise or pale yellow with some paint sanded away. This project can be altered to suit your needs quite easily. Have fun, be creative, and design something that reflects your personality!

Decorative wall hangings

Creating a unique home decor is as simple as painting a few shutters and using them as backdrops for other wall decor. They can create a showcase area for special photos and ornaments. Again, this project can be customised to be as contemporary or old-fashioned as you please. For this project, simply hang your old shutters on a wall and then stick some hooks to your shutters to allow for other items to be hung up.

Jewellery organiser

This is a simple idea that will easily clean up and organise jewellery and accessories, in particular scarves and necklaces. All you need is a shutter, paint or stain, and some old door knobs. Stick the knobs onto your shutters and voila! You can even hang this on the inside of a cupboard door if you do not wish to have your jewellery hanging on a wall.