7 Reasons to Choose Blinds Over Curtains


Window coverings are an essential component of any home and there is no shortage of choice when looking for suitable options for your home. The first decision you will likely have to make is whether you want blinds or curtains. While you may have heard the rule that blinds are for offices and curtains are for home, blind designs have come a long way in recent times and trends have also changed in the home and apartment design market. Blinds are no longer just for offices and in fact, there are a number of practical and style based reasons why you might want to consider installing blinds instead of their prehistoric counterparts, curtains.

1. Blinds allow you to control the amount of light in a room

With blinds, you have a high degree of control over the amount of light that you let into a room. You can tilt the blades any number of angles to fine tune your lighting and you can obviously also completely draw or partially draw them for greater impact. Screen roller blinds combined with blockout roller blinds allow you to see out during the day and then get complete privacy at night. With curtains, you only really have one choice – light or dark. This makes blinds a clever choice, whether for the home or the office. When fully closed, blinds are also effective at completely blocking out light, as they are mounted closer to the window providing a tighter seal, so to speak.

2. Blinds are neater and more versatile

Since they are installed closer to the window and are much more streamlined in their physical form than curtains, blinds look much neater when installed in any type of room. There is no excessive material hanging or taking up valuable window space. The different types of blinds (roller, roman and more) provide a level of versatility that curtains can only dream of. To add to this, blinds are so easy to operate, with a twist of the wrist often all that is required to regulate light. 

3. Blinds are simpler, and cost less.

Where curtains require plenty of messing around with measurements of hems, hook sizes, overlaps and they are fitted to the wall usually so fixings can be a struggle, blinds are a much simpler proposition when it comes to measuring. A simple measure up of the window size gets things going and blinds are often mounted directly to the architrave, meaning you are guaranteed a good fixing. This can result in a much more cost effective proposition with less complexity involved in the overall process.

4. Blinds have so much variety on offer

As well as being available in various styles (such as venetian ,roller, honeycomb etc), blinds also come in a truly epic array of colours and materials. Blinds can be made from metal, timber or fabric, meaning they are easily matched to modern interiors and personal style preferences. The patterns and designs available make interior decorating a breeze and allow you to control the look and feel of a room, rather than having to match everything to the curtains.

5. Blinds are easy to clean

Let’s face it, window coverings are bound to get dusty and dirty on a regular basis. Cleaning blinds is as simple as giving them a good wipe down with a damp cloth, dusting them off with your favorite feather duster or even just a quick vacuum. Unlike curtains, you don’t have to take them down and get them dry cleaned. This means you will not be without window coverings for a period of time and it’s easy to clean blinds when you’re cleaning the rest of your house. If you have ever had the misfortune of squeezing in behind a curtain to be greeted by the cobwebs of a family of spiders, I feel your pain. Fabric blinds are also generally made from stain resistant materials making them much easier to maintain.

6. Blinds are durable

The materials used for blinds (particularly wood and metal) and the mounting options (such as shutters) make blinds very durable. Combined with the fact that they are quite stain resistant, this means that they really are perfect for households with pets or children (or both!).

7. Blinds emphasise space

With their minimalist look and their ability to be mounted so close to windows and doors, blinds help to emphasise the space within a room. Whereas curtains have excessive fabric that can infiltrate valuable room space and crowd windows, blinds are a low profile option, adding to the feeling of space and creating a contemporary look, particularly when using wood and metal versions, as these are truly modern materials when it comes to home and interior design. 

As a durable, potentially cost effective, versatile and stylish option for your window coverings, blinds have it all. Not only will they add value to your home, but they will also give you complete privacy. It’s rare that a product satisfies both form and function, but blinds could well be the holy grail!