7 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Windows

shutterstock_214658896Christmas is here, so it’s time to prepare for this festive holiday and bring in the season’s cheer. Decorating your windows with holiday baubles is one of the best ways to sprinkle holiday cheer throughout your home, not to mention provide a spectacle of holiday decor for those passing by your home.

Floating ornaments

Window ornaments add a lot of visual appeal to any home and have a magical effect at night, making your windows twinkle with the stars. You can hang ornaments in front of your window using fishing line and shower rods (although you could attach the ornaments to your curtain rods, we recommend using a separate rod so that the curtains are still functional).

Here’s how:

  1.       Place the shower rod at the top of your window frame.
  2.       Use the fishing line to attach the ornaments to the rod.
  3.      Pick light-up baubles or spherical ornaments that look good from all sides to give a “floating effect”.
  4.      To maximize visual interest, place the ornaments at different heights.

Nutcrackers on guard

You can have an army of nutcrackers protecting your home by lining your windowpane or window box with nutcrackers. Nutcrackers are visually stunning and can be seen from long distances. Plus, nutcrackers are inexpensive and add festivity during the day and night.


Even in Oz, you can still have a white Christmas by taping snowflakes on your window. You can use the snow to “frame” other window decorations such as garlands or floating ornaments. To highlight the snowflakes for maximum curb appeal, other light-up ornamentation should be used.

Welcome wreaths

If you have a group of windows, placing a wreath in all of them creates visual interest and communicates Christmas cheer to neighbours passing by. They’re also a fun way to welcome your family and friends that are going to be visiting for the holidays.

They are many different types – from warm and inviting to glitzy and glamorous – depending on the type of statement you want to make with your wreaths.

Hanging icicles

If you want your Christmas decor to be an homage to Frozen (though you may not want to encourage your niece to sing “Do you want to build a Snowman?” for the 936th time), you can bring some whimsy to your window decor with hanging icicles. You can suspend pearls, white branches, rock crystals or Christmas lights from the top of your windowpane.

Window ribbons

You can use ribbons to create a stunning holiday display. Your ribbons can be the length of your window. They can be accented with greenery such as holly, wreaths, garlands and tree boxes. The sky is the limit with ribbons – hang a bow in the center of the window, wrap it around the frame, or decorate the shutters! You can let your creativity flourish and come up with your own designs to bring in your holiday cheer.


You can accent your other Christmas decorations and warm the appearance of every room in your home by placing candles in your window. With candles in the window, you are lighting the way for Santa’s sleigh. Tall hurricane lamps can give your windows a cheery ambiance, and will help to keep the flame contained to prevent the risk of a fire. Also, only use this decor for windows that do not have long drapery.

Always remember to have fun when decorating windows, and for décor and ornaments that involve fire or electricity you should always first make safety a priority.