How to Make Cleaning the House Less of an Event and More of a Habit

Cleaning the home more efficiently - The Fitter

No one wants to spend hours cleaning the house, but it does feel great when it’s all complete and you can relax in your tidy home. We’ve talked before about cleaning your blinds to keep them looking new and how best to clean your windows, but what about the rest of the house? These six simple hints will help you get into a habit of keeping on top of things, so that you aren’t bogged down with chores on the weekend.

Do a little bit regularly

It is a lot less tiresome and demotivating cleaning your home if you keep on top of it. Dusting your blinds just before you leave the house, doing the dishes while the meal is in the oven, or putting a load of washing on while your roast is cooking are little time savers that will mean you aren’t faced with huge loads to do at once. Other little tasks like disposing of the full rubbish bag when you go to work in the morning will stop everything piling up and becoming a huge chore.

Create a roster

The cleaning should not be the responsibility of one person in the house. Even the kids can help out by unpacking the dishwasher or putting the recycling out.

The bigger cleaning aspects like vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and general dusting should be put onto a calendar. Also add one extra task to the weekly clean that only needs to be done once in a while, like cleaning the windows or cleaning out the fridge.

Add some fun

Don’t think of cleaning as such a horrible task. If you listen to an audiobook or your favourite song while you’re vacuuming, it’ll make it slightly more enjoyable. And if you can get everyone to do the cleaning at the same time, get everyone dancing along together.

Make a challenge for your kids on who can clean the fastest or do the best job, and make a reward for it. The cost of a chocolate bar will be worth the couple of hours of cleaning you get out of it.

Use the correct cleaners

Using the right equipment and cleaners will make your cleaning much more efficient. The right sprays and cloths will get rid of the grime faster and leave everything sparkling. A microfibre cloth is the best for your LCD TV screens and laptops.

One of the hardest tools to get right is cleaning your windows. The best way is a tiny bit of water with dishwashing liquid. Sponge the windows then use a squeegee to take the water away. This will get rid of the majority of the water, but use the microfibre to wipe away the last bit.

When it comes to your blinds, what you clean them with will depend on which material they are made out of. Check out our blinds care guide to be sure you don’t do any damage.

Create a ‘high traffic zone’

A simple task you can perform when you come home each day that will get you into the habit of cleaning as you go is creating a ‘high traffic zone’.

The ‘high traffic zone’ will likely be the front door. Place a small bowl for the keys by the front door, and opposite to the bowl install a hook so that you can hang your coat or bag straight away. Once you make an effort to keep this up for about a month, it will cut down the clutter throughout the house and become a habit that you won’t even think about.

Arrange your laundry

One way to stop piles of clothes and towels forming on the floor, which look very messy, is to put some baskets in your laundry area. One basket could be for dirty clothes and another for wet towels. Also give yourself some bench space to fold up everything once it comes out of the dryer. It means you won’t need to take the clean clothes out of the laundry into the living area to fold.

If you don’t have the space, adding a hinge to a piece of wood and folding it onto the wall can make doing your laundry a lot easier and more efficient.