Choosing Blinds: 11 Things to Consider

The interior decoration of your home is a chance to display the uniqueness of your personality and creative flair. No longer limited to dull squares or rectangles, windows are taking on a new dimension in interior design, and emerging as another part of the home for you to customise and play with. They’re an important consideration for every home, from lighting practicality to design, style, and comfort. Windows add depth to your home, enlarge rooms, and seamlessly let the outside world in. Whether arched, bow, or bay windows, or skylights, windows can transform the entire look of a space. (more…)

How To Give Your Windows A Professional Cleaning Treatment

Cleaning your windows and glass doors can be a huge job, particularly if you have a home with a lot of glass. And there’s nothing worse once you’ve finished the job only to realise when the sun hits it that your glass has dried with streaks across it. We’ve put together some helpful advice to turn the chore of window cleaning into a quick and streak-free job. (more…)

7 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Windows


Christmas is here, so it’s time to prepare for this festive holiday and bring in the season’s cheer. Decorating your windows with holiday baubles is one of the best ways to sprinkle holiday cheer throughout your home, not to mention provide a spectacle of holiday decor for those passing by your home. (more…)

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