13 Ways Cats and Blinds Don’t Mix

Blinds are great for privacy, style, and controlling the level of light that comes into a room, but to cats they’re nothing more than a play toy. A common problem for pet owners is that blinds and wires can present a hazard, and keeping your cat safe around blinds is important. (more…)

There’s PVC shutters, ABS shutters and then there is Polyresin shutters. What is the difference?

Well, to me there is some confusion as to what is what. PVC, ABS and Polyresin are all types of plastic. I am no molecular scientist so I will leave it at that. They are all fine to use in bathrooms and other wet areas, but there are differences. The first and only "polyresin" shutter I ever fitted was an experience to say the least. I still think of it and shudder. Thankfully I was fitting it as a sub contract job for another company, who shall remain nameless. (more…)

What makes a blinds fitter, THE Fitter?

Having worked for a number of blind and shutter companies before deciding to start The Fitter, I have worked with some great fitters and some...not so great. From broken window panes to dirty handprints on the wall. Dropped plantation shutters to blinds sliced open at the same time as their packaging, whoops! (more…)

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