Outdoor awnings are simple and easy to maintain. With some thoughtful care you’ll find that your awnings will remain in great condition, all year round. Keeping up with their maintenance will also increase their lifespan.
You may need to use a ladder to clean your awnings. Set it up a comfortable distance away and on steady ground. Reposition it as needed and check that it is stable each time.

Maintaining your awnings

  1. At the first sight of leaves, debris or bird droppings on your awning, remove them immediately. Use a soft brush/broom. Hose occasionaly with cold water, but do not combine the actions of brushing and hosing as you may scuff the fabric.
  2. Do not ever use excess pressure on fabric awnings when cleaning and don’t use any soaps or cleaning products on your awnings.
  3. To avoid mildew, never store away your blinds when they’re wet. Always allow them to dry before you put them away. Or, if you do need to store away your awning briefly while it’s wet, make sure that you roll it out and let it dry as soon as possible afterwards.

To remove mildew from your awnings

If you do end up with mildew on your awnings there are a few steps you can take to remove it. Picking a warm, sunny day to do your cleaning will make the job much easier.

  1. Firstly, create a mixture using warm water (38C maximum) three parts and one part White King.
  2. Apply the diluted solution with a soft brush and rinse of thoroughly after 15mins.