Venetian blinds can attract dust and be a little difficult to clean. But, it’s important to know how to look after them and carry out regular dusting and cleaning to ensure their longevity. There are several ways to clean your venetian blinds, so here we’ll run through a couple for you to choose from.

Wiping the blinds

  1. Firstly, pull back any curtains that may surround your blinds.
  2. Look for any spot cleaning that might be required due to dirt marks or anything else. Clean these using an appropriate cleaning agent for the type of venetians you own, something like Orange Power works well. Always wipe them after using a professional cleaner.
  3. Tilt your blinds in the open position. Using cotton cleaning gloves, or a damp cloth, pinch each blade between your fingers and wipe from the center to the edge on both the left and right side. If you have wooden venetian blinds, make sure the gloves are kept dry. On synthetic polymers or metallic slats you can use a little water or a small amount of a non-sticky cleaner.

Using a vacuum cleaner

For a fast cleaning option, you can use your vacuum cleaner, as long as you have the appropriate soft brush duster attachment.

  1. After putting the duster head onto the nozzle, gently rub the brush over the closed blinds while you hold them with the other hand so they don’t move around.
  2. Work from the center outwards on both sides of the blind before opening the blind in the opposite direction to clean the other side.

Tip: For cedar blinds to stay in top condition, it’s important that you re-oil them every 5 years.