Aluminium venetian blinds are easily adjustable and give you complete control of light, sun and privacy. Choose from hundreds of different shades, from the bold and vibrant, to the subtle and calming. There are 3 sizes of slat to choose from, 16mm 25mm and 50mm.

Our slimline venetians use Faber components, a world class supplier with a great rigid headrail and slats that will flex under pressure and snap back on release. Just don’t bend them too sharply or else you will end up with a kink!
Slimline venetians stack up nice and neat when they are pulled up, giving you an uninterrupted view through the window.

We also offer the privacy version, where the holes in the slats are moved, reducing the amount of light coming into the room.

Do you have an awkward little sidelight next to your front door? Fit a slimline venetian with hold down brackets to stop it flapping in the wind when the door is opened.

Product Features

  • Massive range of colours

  • Colour co-ordinated rails and slats

  • Increased security

  • Hold down brackets for doors


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