These blinds are minimalist and very stylish and also excellent insulators, great at keeping the room cool in Summer and cosy in Winter. They are very neat as they can be pulled up to a minimal stack size, almost out of the way completely meaning you have more view to enjoy. You can fit them to skylight windows, sloping windows, round windows and can even have a style that pulls from the window sill, upwards for closure. This effectively lets you screen the bottom section of your window whilst letting the sunlight come in the top section, ideal for those mornings when you want the sun to stream in but keep the neighbours from viewing you in all your glory!

One of the issues with pleated or honeycomb blinds is that the pleats can stretch flat near the top of the blind and squash up at the bottom. This is still a risk with some materials, but we have a double honeycomb that has a way round this, meaning that the back pleats stretch out but they stop the front pleats from stretching.

There are a variety of operation methods to choose from. There’s the classic cord lock system, that leaves you with a long cord when the blind is pulled up, wrap this up in the cleats we supply. Then there’s the easy rise system, where you give a single cord a few tugs to pull the blind up, and at the end of every tug, the cord retracts so you just have one little cord hanging, out of reach of kiddies. Tug and hold and the blind glides down beautifully. The next style is the cordless system, great if you can reach the top of the window. Just grab the bottom of the blind, lift it up and it glides with you. It stops where you stop, no cords, no fuss, ingenious design!

Product Features

  • Honeycomb design traps air pockets meaning great insulation.

  • Huge range of fabrics and colours.

  • Blockout and translucent options.

  • Metallic backing reflects suns rays.

  • Slimline, sleek design with long lasting even pleats.


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