These stylish and innovative blinds are well suited to doorways or as room dividers. Imagine up to 12 long panels of fabric hanging from a rail, that slide neatly to the side when not in use, and draw across giving you privacy when you need it. They are different to vertical blinds as they do not rotate, and they have no messy chains at the bottom.

We offer two styles of track, traditional and prestige. The traditional tracking sometimes warrants the use of a separate pelmet, and can be cord and wand operated. The Prestige tracking is a feature in itself and needs no pelmet. This track is wand operated only, and comes in three colours: Birch White, Ebony and Chrome.

The panels are drawn across by either wand or cord, meaning there are no messy cords to deal with and no child safety issues.

Product Features

  • Suits doorways and large openings.

  • Easy to operate, wand or cord drawn.

  • Two track styles, up to 6 channels.

  • Can be made up to 5 metres wide.

  • Match fabrics with other blind styles.


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