Nothing adds character and style to a window better than a plantation shutter. And many real estate agents believe that they even add value to your home, which no other window treatment does.

“We offer what are arguably the best plantation shutters in Melbourne, and have a huge variety of materials to choose from. Choose a Timber Shutter and select from Australian made Western Red Cedar, imported Basswood, Poplar, White Teak, Phoenix wood or MDF. Our Plantation Shutters can also be made from Aluminum or PVC (which comes with a superb 25 year guarantee).

Louvre sizes vary between products, you can have 47, 63, 89 and 114mm louvers.

Product Features

  • Energy efficient

  • Add value to your home

  • Custom made to suit any shape, style and size

  • Can be Hinged, Sliding, Bi Fold, fitted inside or outside

  • Operated by traditional or new tilt with hidden gearing

  • Motorised and remote controlled

Western Red Cedar is the premium choice, when budget is not such a concern. This beautiful softwood comes in two colour ranges, light to medium, and medium to dark. Colour can vary dramatically and is usually chosen when that natural timber look is required. You can end up with various different shades in the one shutter, which is a stunning look. We can also paint this timber to any Dulux shade if you wish. What you have to watch with Cedar is that as it is a softwood, it can dent fairly easily, so if you have young kids, or it’s in a high traffic area, maybe you need another type of wood.

Poplar and Basswood shutters are more affordable hardwoods, cultivated from eco friendly plantations around the world. They offer better dent performance than Cedar, and are still just as light and easy to operate. Our favourite supplier at the moment is one that uses a Two pack paint, their Basswood shutters are good quality at a reasonable price, just a bit dearer than the Poplar shutters that have a One pack paint.

Phoenixwood and White Teak are the more expensive of the hardwoods, but the build quality is second to none, this factory rarely make a mistake.

MDF is a great option when cost is the main concern, but it still has the same build quality as our more expensive timbers.

There is a vinyl wrap around the wood, sealing it and giving it the look of the more expensive wood shutters. If you want a white shutter, you could go for this option as it looks exactly the same as it’s more expensive cousins. MDF is heavier than the rest, and can sag if you go for a bifold option where two panels are off the one set of hinges. Also, even though there is a vinyl wrap to seal the MDF, it’s best not to use this in high moisture environments.

“ Very happy experience. Excellent communication, and very friendly service. Very happy with the result, the blinds look terrific. Highly recommended. Many thanks. ”

Joan V, Victoria

As Melbourne’s most trusted blinds and sunshade specialists, we make sure we look after all our customers with our continual commitment in 4 key areas: Quality, Honesty, Price & Service.

Our continued success depends on you telling everyone how wonderful we are.


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