Roller blinds are Australia’s most popular style of blind, sometimes called Holland blinds, or Screen blinds. They come in many forms, with different styled finishes too. The Fitter has the largest range of Roller Blinds in Melbourne.

Screen mesh fabrics allow you to see out while remaining hidden from view. These work well during the day, however at night the effect is reversed and you can’t see out but someone could see in. Usually you would combine a screen blind with another blockout blind for privacy at night.

Translucent fabrics give you privacy and shading with a pattern or texture for decoration. You cannot see through these fabrics at any time and they filter the light coming into the room but do not block it out. If it’s night time and you have a light on then you will see a shadow from outside.

Blockout fabrics are for when you need darkness. Be it a media room or a nursery, these are your best bet. No light will come through the fabric, however you will still get some light into the room through gaps at the sides of the blind. This is usually still acceptable and it still makes a huge difference to the light in the room. If you need total darkness then a cassette system is required. This involves a headbox for the roller and side channels for the fabric to slip inside, meaning there is virtually no light coming through.

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Bonded rollers. We can take a fabric that you may have chosen for your curtains, which may not be available in rollers, and bond it to a blockout fabric. This allows you complete co-ordination with your soft furnishings.

Dual roller system. This is a bracket that allows two blinds to be fitted to the one window. You can combine a screen roller for during the day and a blockout roller for at night, giving you the best of both worlds.

Finishing touches. The most popular finish is to have a base rail on the bottom of the blind which gives a clean square finish. There are many other decorative scalloped finishes that you can choose from, just ask your Fitter.

Operation can be by chain (Plastic, Metal or Stainless steel), old style spring, or by a motor.

Chains are the most common solution, but if you have a hard to reach blind or a high end design then a motor is a great option. If you have a lot of blinds, imagine the simplicity of pressing a button and they all move up or down in unison? These do cost more and need an electrician to connect to the mains. We can work with your electrician or organise one for the job, whatever suits you.

We can get European battery powered motors, but customer feedback is that they are not that great. We will watch this space though as battery power must surely be the way of the future.

Product Features

  • Huge range of fabrics, colours and designs.

  • Match with other blind types for total home co-ordination.

  • Customise your blind with different finishes.

  • Suitable for any room.

  • Simple, clean, easy to use and hard wearing.

  • Motorised and remote controlled available.


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