Stop the sun hitting the glass and you will notice a massive difference in the temperature of a room. Awnings are a great, affordable way of protecting your home from the suns rays, especially during Summers in Melbourne. We supply a massive range of external blinds, for all tastes and budgets. Whether you want stripes or plain, canvas or mesh fabrics, we can supply them all. Our quality awnings canvas and mesh fabrics are only sourced from leading suppliers. Fabrics are treated to be anti rot, mould and fungus as well as fade resistant, flame retardant and some are even dirt repellent.

A canvas blind will stop 100% of the suns UV rays hitting your window, and can be plain or striped. The striped canvas are green backed, and hide the bird droppings better than the plain canvas.

Mesh materials are very popular nowadays, they let through varying degrees of UV light, most commonly stopping 95% of the UV, and the beauty of these fabrics is that you can still see through the awning when it’s pulled down so if the kids are at play in the summer you can still keep an eye on them and keep the house cool. There is even striped mesh if you like the traditional look.

The ever popular Auto blind is suitable for ground floor windows and patios. This blind slides down the metal guides and stops wherever you want it to with no ropes and no fuss.

The Fixed guide blind which is better for 1st floor windows as it can be operated by an external or internal cord.

Then there is the spring roller and the rope and pulley blinds which you pull down and strap to the floor or balustrade, ideal for decks and pergolas.

We also do crank operated wire guide blinds when you want something a bit less obtrusive running down your windows, or you can have them with guide channels giving you even better window coverage with no gaps.

All of these blinds will come with either a wavy scallop or a straight flap at the bottom, the choice is yours.

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Product Features

  • Headboxes and bottom rails come in Colorbond shades for easy co-ordination with downpipes or walls.

  • Heaps of sturdy fixings giving stability and peace of mind.

  • Will cut your cooling bills immediately.


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