Another of our premium products are External Louvers or Fins. Both can be horizontal, vertical or any other orientation you care to have, to suit any window.

Louvres are a non retractable solution to external shading, with smaller 75mm blades. The blades are fully adjustable, rotating through 75 degrees, allowing you to control the sun and privacy to suit your needs. Fitted both horizontally and vertically, on windows, over pergolas, and into void spaces.

These louvres are often incorporated into projects that have external venetians due to the similar size of blade.

They are an excellent green product because you stop the sun from hitting the glass. When you do this you can have up to 90% reduction in solar gain, translating into big savings on cooling.

They can also be used as privacy screens if you have an overlooking issue with neighbours. We can fix the blades at an angle that will satisfy your local councils regulations.

Another similar product are Fins. These can be much bigger in scale, with blade sizes of 90mm, 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm
These blades can be fixed in place to provide permanent privacy or shade, or operable, generally by motors due to the size and weights involved.

The fins are used especially when you want to have a large span with no supports, the larger you go in Fin size, the wider we can span. The 800mm fin can span 6 metres wide (or long) only supported at each end!

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Product Features

  • Ideal for high wind situations where a retractable blind may not be suitable

  • Controlled by hand or by remote control, using the finest gears and motors to ensure smooth, reliable operation for many years.

  • Energy saving

  • Full integration with BMS.


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