Create a cooler, shaded outdoor space for Summer with a folding arm awning. This space saving awning can be extended out to cover your deck when the sun shines, and pulled back in when it doesn’t. Whether you want a manually cranked awning, or a motorised one with remote control or wind and sun sensors, we can supply you.

We know what the limitations of the products are, and what to watch out for when installing one, ensuring you have a safe and trouble free awning. When the wind blows, folding arm awnings should be retracted, as they act like sails and can move around. When you want your family or customers to sit underneath something that weighs 100 kilos and blows around in the wind, you better call The Fitter so it is fitted correctly.

At the bottom end of the price scale you can have a basic awning that cranks out by hand, you may or may not want to cover the awning with a hood. All of the mechanics of the awning are visible from underneath.

Then you can have a semi cassette awning where the powdercoated cassette covers the top and back of the awning, but the arms that fold outwards are still visible from underneath.

Then there is the full cassette awning, when these awnings are retracted, all of the components and fabric are hidden inside the cassette, very attractive and at the higher end of the price scale.

The fabrics for folding arm awnings need to be lightweight, and the arms need to have powerful springs to ensure the fabric is held taut, this ensures longevity of the awning. Acrylic is the most common fabric used, but you can also have mesh.

As long as we set the pitch of the awning at 15 degrees from horizontal, the rain will not pool on the awning. Pooling is a very bad thing, you could have a tonne of water up there if you’re not careful, so if you buy an awning with a variable pitch adjustment and you change the pitch yourself, be careful if you go near the horizontal and it rains.

Some awnings like the Siena have a rain gutter in their fascia, so when the rain runs off it comes off at the sides only.

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Product Features

  • Available in widths up to 6 metres for single awnings, but they can be coupled together to operate as even bigger awnings.

  • Variable pitch control option.

  • Huge range of materials to choose from.

  • Motorisation, by switch or remote control, with sun and wind sensors available.


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