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Track guided blinds by Ziptrak® are a great way of enclosing your outdoor area. With many other external blinds and awnings you need to have tie down straps or buckles, and things can flap about in the wind. Melbourne can get a touch windy at times so get yourself a track guided blind by Ziptrak®.

The fabric can be made of top quality Japanese clear or tinted PVC, or mesh material, allowing you to shield yourself and your furniture from the elements, but this still lets you have your view. Why build a lovely deck to enjoy the outdoors then hide it from view with a blind?

Housing all of the components is a top quality headbox with clean, modern lines. This hides away the heavy duty roller, nice and discreet.

The difference between a Ziptrak® branded blind and other outdoor blinds is that the Ziptrak® has side channels and the fabric has a spline attached down either side. This spline slides down a groove in the track, and makes it very stable in the wind. Some tracked blinds do not use a spline, so you can have a situation where the fabric pops out of the track and has to be forced back in, not ideal.

With Ziptrak®, you do not have to tie the blind down to your deck using straps, bolts or buckles, as you do with many of Melbournes retractable blinds. Just slide the blind down, the locks snap into place and that’s it. To get the blind back up you either have the basic lock on each track, press it in to disengage and you’re good to go, or you have the effortless centre lever, pull that and then lift the blind, job done. The blind will glide up as fast as you want it to, with minimal effort from you as the spring balance system makes it nice and easy.

We transform outdoor areas, get in touch to discuss how we can improve yours.

Product Features

  • No zips, ropes or pulleys.

  • Blind fits into special guide tracks to eliminate flapping.

  • Seals your space, protecting you from the elements while keeping your view.

  • Clear or tinted PVC, mesh fabrics available.

  • Enclosed headbox or roller only option.


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